“Martyr of the Millennium”


Abune Petros is known as the “Martyr of the Millennium”
During 1928 E.C (1935 A.D) when Fascist Italy invaded our country, the decisive Bishop resolved to go to the wilderness and the ravines. He stayed moving around in the desert/wilderness consoling, being a confessor to and blessing the patriots. He endured for his country and faith hunger, thirst and adversity.

✞On the night that he was captured by the Italians, he was asked to pledge adherence to the faith of Rome and the rulers. However, the resolute man, knowing what awaited him if he said “No”, responded with, “That can’t be.” And on the next day, while being pointed at with a machinegun, he was asked again.

✞Then, Abune Petros opened his mouth and started speaking, he said, “O my countrymen! If you do not fight for the sake of your country and for your faith, let the coming generation hold you in judgment. But I anathematize not only the people but also the trees, leaves and the land not to submit to Italy.” Within minutes, by the orders of Graziani (the butcher of Ethiopia), bullets of a machinegun rained down upon him.

✞He fell to the ground while chained and his body punctured. One soldier went closer and saw that he was still breathing. And saying, “This priest is not dead” he shot the father on the head.

✞Abune Petros was sacrificed/martyred for his country and faith. And when the news was heard by the patriots, the resistance flared. This took place on Hamle 22, 1928 E.C. (July 29, 1936 A.D).

(Nahom Semeneh)

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