A filmmaker once told me, making a movie is like opening your mind to the whole world, letting people see through your perspective, sharing your emotion scene by scene, and speaking directly from your heart. I have always admired filmmakers.

I bet that part is pretty obvious because I chose to be a film reviewer. I am fascinated by their unique approach and views when it comes to storytelling. And in my profession as a film reviewer, I happen to have the opportunity to encounter numerous filmmakers weekly, at least by the films they submit in the festival. And keeping track with these awesome filmmakers is the cream of the crop of the whole experience. In this review, I’d like to introduce to you Romanian film, events, and theater director Carmen Lidia Vidu and her extraordinary bio-film “My Romanian Diary/Mein Rumänisches Tagebuch”

Director Carmen Lidia Vidu is an outstanding director. And I am very confident to say it out loud. She stands out among filmmakers because of her uncanny creativity with the aesthetics of the film and the way she tells the story. Last season, I had the opportunity to review three of her exquisitely inventive films, Bucharest. A World by Ion, Arad. My Virtual Diary, and Constanta. A Dancing City. And these three films swept me off my feet. I saw a different level of creativity. It was personalized and in-depth with her subjects with a mixture of her spunky ingenuity. But what I like most about director Carmen Lidia Vidu is her authenticity. She gives her craft a personal touch that makes it extra special and memorable just like this mini bio-film/documentary of her life, “My Romanian Diary/Mein Rumänisches Tagebuch”

I’d like to caption this short film as the story of revelations, courage, and emancipation. It was a fresh incorporation of animation and the retro personal diary. The experience was somewhat like reading Carmen’s diary but in a very interesting and entertaining way. I love how they translate the quirkiness in her story through animation it felt genuine and instantaneous like it just came out of her mind. But aside from the excellent visual presentation of the film. The stories she shared about her life is heartfelt and a reflection of real life. She had shared life experiences many of us will never speak of, most especially about family, relationships, career, personal struggles, and sadly, deep dark secrets of the past. I have always like director Carmen Lidia Vidu and watching this life-changing short film made me admire her more. The revelation she shared is undoubtedly a huge weight she has carried for a very long time. Her courage to say it all out loud in this film is truly admirable. She has emancipated herself from a dark past. The unfortunate experience that she shared as a young girl will help spread awareness to young girls and parents about the evil darkness that lurks around dressed like people.

This short film will forever remind me of Carmen Lidia Vidu’s journey of letting go of a bad chapter in her life and marks the new chapter of an incredibly awesome journey in life, making films and beyond. Indeed again an extraordinary film from the one of a kind Carmen Lidia Vidu. Thank you for sharing this with us and the whole world.


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